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Mon Amore Stables

Hello and welcome to Mon Amore Stables! The following breeds reside at MAS:Quarter Horses, Ponies of the Americas, Appendix Horses, Appalooosas, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Mustangs,  Arabians & Pintabians. We take pride in breeding, raising, training and showing only the finest of those breeds. Please look around and email me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed it.

10-24-04:Mon Amore Stables started.
11-7-04:YAY!! All the horses are in, so we are pretty much completed. Just working on getting the pedigrees and pictures in!
11-12-04:WELCOME the new comers! We have recently purchased Nazeer, Ima Cashin In My Chex, Skiptastic, Zippo Pines Impressive Tribute, Versace, Libertys Song, Zippos Mighty Temptation, Midnight Legend, Shine, Hero, Farlane, Extreme Influence and Dakota Grace from ES Auctions. We have also purchased Fiddlers First Command and Paint My Fire from Zala. Welcome to the new comers.


DISCLAIMER:This is all part of a SIM horse game. Meaning none of this is real, I do not claim to own any of these horses in real life except for Protect Da Girls. If you see some of your pictures up here and would like them removed, then please email me and I will do so as quickly as possible.